High Speed Internet

Bug Tussel Wireless provides high speed Internet service ranging from 512 Kbps (Kilobits per second) up to 4Mb (Megabits per second). Most users require service within this range, and it is available in five standard packages.

Speeds up to 512K

Speeds up to 768K

Speeds up to 1.54Mb

Speeds up to 2Mb

Speeds up to 4Mb

*prices include $9.99/month equipment rental

Internet Information
Access to high speed internet is effective if properly designed and configured. Bug Tussel Wireless utilizes airwaves to transmit your high speed traffic between your location and internet. Better visibility between your location and the nearest Bug Tussel tower will result in higher speeds. The following process will assure your optimal satisfaction:

  1. Contact your Bug Tussel independent sales representative (ISR) in your area for a free consultation. Click here to see your representative.
  2. Select the best rate plan from the three packages above or discuss your specific needs with your ISR.  There is a $49.99 activation fee that covers costs of designing your airwave path, setting up your email in the Bug Tussel email system, testing your service and assuring a quality connection.
  3. If you are not in the direct line of site (you cannot see a Bug Tussel tower from your window), you may need an external antenna system mounted on your home, business or a structure near your home or business.  Antenna systems typically cost $79.99 and installation costs can vary beginning at $89.99.  An installation can be scheduled at your convenience and will typically take 2-4 hours.
  4. If Bug Tussel is unable to provide you with service today, we still would like to know your needs and will work toward constructing a site or finding a solution for your Internet needs.  Bug Tussel has built over 200 sites in the past 5 years and intends to continue building sites until everyone in rural America has high speed Internet coverage.

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