What is Wireless Internet

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet providers, like Bug Tussel, differ from traditional internet providers in the way they deliver the last mile of service to the subscriber’s home. Instead of providing that last mile of service through a fiber optic or coaxial cable direct to the home or business, fixed wireless internet uses radio waves (often transmitted from a cell tower) to bring you your internet connection. These signals are transmitted directly to the receiver placed on the subscriber’s property. Once the signal reaches the receiver, the connection to the router, WiFi network, and subscriber’s device is the same as any other type of internet connection.

How Bug Tussel Wireless Internet Works

Why does Bug Tussel use Fixed Wireless Technologies?

In many rural areas, providing the last mile of internet service through a radio signal is significantly more affordable than buildout costs associated with a traditional internet service where buying cable can be very costly. Finding enough subscribers in rural areas to offset those costs can make traditional internet service cost prohibitive. Wireless infrastructure makes high speed internet economically feasible for the provider and the subscriber in rural and underserved areas.

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